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Meet our CEO

Hello! My name is Glenn McDuffie. I have been inside the network field since I was enlisted in our Armed Forces. I specialized in secure communications, repairs of precision electronics as well as firing PATRIOT ​missile systems. I have studied IT at Colorado Technical University and now strive to work for you.

Our staff are certified on every aspect of your companies needs. From simple printer repair, to complex multiple server clusters running massive database operations. We always will place you first, This is my guarantee to you.


At Computer Consulting Group we’re passionate about making your priorites our number one focus. We believe that even though most businesses operate from an 8 to 5 basis. The services they offer through technology are needed to be availiable all the time. Call us day or night, even on a holiday, and we'll make sure those vital systems are restored quickly and effectively.



Our company

Computer Consulting Group was formed in early 2012, When myself as an employee of a large firm grew tired of seeing customers given a number and staff acted as if it was an inconvience to help them with their needs on a timely schedule.

I began to think to myself, Why do they not care. Then I realized the answer. They want your money, but don't want to work for it. I believe all things in life are earned not given. I will strive to earn your respect, foremostly by not breaking your wallet. Our companies can grow together, Let us show you what we can do.



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