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What can we do to make your business more efficient?

As always, our focus is to better your productivity. Below is only a minor offering of services. Should you need anything not decribed, Call us and we'll get you a customized quote to have you running better.

Remote Management

Annoying Pop-ups and slow computer issues are a thing of the past when you give us a call. In a few minutes, we'll have proprietary software on your machine that scans for viruses, optimizes web browsing, and reports directly to us when it encounters problems it needs our expertise with. With Remote Management, our goal is to have your computer running at all times at its optimal conditions with you only paying a small monthly fee to do it. No more unexpected expenditures for virus removal.

Network Cabling

Whether it one place you need a network jack or a thousand, We'll make sure it happens on a timely basis, and the right way. We ensure all our cables ran meet local building codes, as well as, the current standards set by the industry. All cables are guarantee to be the right way the first time or we will come back and fix it free of charge.

Computer Repairs

Viruses are becoming more and more common as hackers are now getting brave about their attempts on the consumer market. No matter the reason how you got them, call us and we'll get them off your back. Our rates are resonable, and often times we will complete the work right at your home or business. No need to pack it up and bring it to our office.

Website design

Websites are extremely important to businesses as the technology sector triples in growth every 5 years. Be on the cutting edge and make sure your web presence is known. From SEO work to help with getting advertising noticed on other websites. We'll create a custom tailored solution to fit your companies needs. From local to global presence, we'll have you covered.

VoIP Solutions

Computer Consulting has views VoIP as a very integral part of one's business and the main lifeline to your customers. We can help get you on the next generation of phone service and save you a bundle in the process. Give us a call so we can get you started in the next generation of communications.

Printer Repair

Print technologies are the hub of many companies and when they go down, so does your potential revenue. Often times, when you call a manufacturer they tell you to box it up and send it there way. What they fail to tell you is, allow 4-7 weeks for its return. Not to mention the hefty bill attached to the box.

On average on of these repair will cost the end user $300 to $400. This is astronomical as this is usually on 60% of the machine's MSRP.

Our staff includes CompTia certified Digital Imaging repair technicians that have various factory certifications ranging from Sharp®,Canon® HP®, and Dell®. Call us to schedule a service call to get running like it should. Our estimate is $35.00, you only pay for the services rendered should you decide to fix it. (Special pricing limited to our service area, any others will incur a service fee as well)

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